Supplier Member Service

Focus on supplier comprehensive membership services

Supplier membership service is a product that integrates information, customer acquisition, transaction, and service. The rights enjoyed by supplier members enable members obtain in-depth chemical marketing solutions and help suppliers expand the global market.


ccurate Inquiry

Gain more businesses from RFQ !

RFQ(Request For Quotation), posted by buyers via Echemi or entrusted Echemi, will be reviewed and screened twice before send to suppliers. Echemi will perfect the review mechanism continuously and provide better inquiries and accurate procurement requirement to suppliers.


rade data

Data-oriented, well-founded

Analyze the global as well as Domestic procurement market and determine the target market Provide data support for precision marketing of international trade

Market Price & Insight

Know India’s chemical market from Rasayanm platform!

Based on the years of chemical experience and rich suppliers’ resources, Echemi provides Market Price & Insight Service to global customers. This service include market prices, operation status of Chinese suppliers, price changes, etc. Moreover, semi-annual report, annual report and customized reports can be provided. This service can help global buyers know the Chinese chemical market well and seize the best opportunity to make purchasing.