Solvent Violet 13 (81-48-1)

Solvent Violet 13 (81-48-1)


Product name    :  Solvent Violet 13;

CAS Number      :  81-48-1;

Formula               :C21H15NO3;

Molecular Mass:329.349;

Synonyms           :RRL; Ci 60725; Irisolbase; 79 Blue-79; 11092Violet; Murasaki201; D+Cvioletno2; Oilviolet401; C Violet No2; D+Cvioletno.2


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Storage :No info;

Product Usage :1. Mainly used for dyeing pure polyester or acetate fiber. It can also be used for direct printing and transfer printing. Often with Disperse Red 3B; Disperse Yellow RL make up the three primary colors. Reactive dyes or direct dyes can dye polyester/viscose blended fabrics in the same bath. 2. Mainly used for coloring of polystyrene, ABS, rigid PVC resin and polyester fiber pulp and cosmetics.;

Material :4-Butylaniline,

Raw Material :1,4-Dihydroxyanthraquinone


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