CAS No: 111-42-2
Formula: C4H11NO2

Discription: Iminodiethanol, also known as diethanolamine, is an intermediate of the herbicide glyphosate. Used as a gas purifier, also used as a raw material for synthetic drugs and organic synthesis; used as an analytical reagent, gas chromatography stationary liquid, softener and lubricant, and also used in organic synthesis; diethanolamine is mainly used as CO2, H2S and SO2 Such as acid gas absorbents, non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, polishing agents, industrial gas purifiers, lubricants. It is used as a thickener and foam improver in shampoos and light detergents, and as a softener in the production of synthetic fibers and leather. Diethanolamine reacts with 70% sulfuric acid to produce morpholine (1,4-oxazepine) by dehydration and cyclization. Both morpholine and diethanolamine are intermediates in organic synthesis. For example, they can be used to produce some optical bleaching agents in the textile industry. The fatty acid salt of morpholine can be used as a preservative. Morpholine can also be used to produce the central inhibitor Folco Set or as a solvent. Diethanolamine is used in analytical chemistry as a reagent and gas chromatography stationary liquid, which can selectively retain and separate alcohols, glycols, amines, pyridine, quinoline, piperazine, mercaptans, thioethers and water.


  • 1.096

  • 27-30ºC

  • 268ºC

  • 179ºC

  • 1.475-1.479

  • Micible with water.

  • Store at RT

  • <0.98 atm ( 100 °C)

  • 3.6 (vs air)

  • Stable. Incompatible with carbon dioxide, strong acids, strong oxidizing agents. Deliquescent.


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