AcidBlack1 (1064-48-8)

AcidBlack1 (1064-48-8)


Product name    :  AcidBlack1;

CAS Number      :  1064-48-8;

Formula               :C22H14N6Na2O9S2;

Molecular Mass:616.49;

Synonyms           :KURO401;CI20470;DermBlueP;ACIDBLACK;CINO0470;acidblackh;Black10B;CINO50420;CINO20470;AMIDOBLACK


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Storage :H226-H315-H319-H336;

Product Usage :Used for staining proteins on polyacrylamide gel, agarose gel and nitrocellulose membrane. After electrophoresis, it is recommended to fix the protein on the gel. The glue is stained with 0.1% amino black 10B in 7% (v/v) acetic acid solution for at least 2 hours, and then decolorized with 7% (v/v) acetic acid solution. The detection sensitivity is about 20% of the Coomassie Brilliant Blue R250.;

Material :Hydrochloric Acid,
Sodium Nitrite,
Soda Ash,


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